BNVS Transport LLC, et al., v. C&K Trucking, LLC
C&K Trucking Settlement

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The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois authorized this website. 

You are not being sued.

If you are a current or former owner-operator based in Illinois who signed one of Defendant C&K Trucking LLC’s standardized Independent Contractor Agreements and provided services pursuant to that agreement(s) at any time from July 22, 2010, to July 29, 2022, you may be eligible to receive money from the proposed class action settlement.

  • A proposed class action settlement has been reached and preliminarily approved by the Court in a lawsuit that sought compensation, penalties and interest for alleged underpayments and chargebacks in the settlement statements of the owner operators contracting with C&K Trucking, LLC, in Illinois.  C&K Trucking, LLC denies these allegations, and the Court has not found that C&K engaged in any wrongful conduct.

  • The proposed settlement provides for monetary payments to the members of a “Class” defined as “all current or former owner-operators based in Illinois who signed one of Defendant C&K Trucking LLC’s standardized Independent Contractor Agreements and provided services pursuant to that agreement(s) at any time from July 22, 2010, to July 29, 2022.”

  • If you received a personalized Notice of Class Action Settlement and Hearing Date for Final Court Approval ("Notice") by mail, you may be eligible to receive a Individual Class Member Payment as set out in the Notice you received. This payment is based on the records of C&K Trucking, and the distribution formula set forth in the proposed settlement. It is an estimate and the actual amount you receive may be different depending on certain factors not presently known. 

  • The specific formula for calculating your workweeks and your resulting Individual Class Member Payment is explained in FAQ 4 on the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website.  If you believe that you should be credited with more weeks, you can submit a data dispute by the January 30, 2023 as explained in FAQ 4.

  • You do not need to do anything to receive your share of the settlement.  However, if you wish to opt-out of the settlement, you must submit a “Request for Exclusion” in accordance with the instructions in FAQ 6.  If you wish to Object to the settlement, you must follow the instructions in FAQ 7.

  • C&K Trucking will not retaliate against you for receiving an Individual Class Member Payment, or for objecting to or opting out of the proposed Settlement.

  • The Court has not yet decided whether to grant final approval. Your legal rights are affected whether you act or not act. Read the Notice you received carefully. You will be deemed to have carefully read and understood it.



You Don’t Have to Do Anything to Participate in the Settlement If you do nothing, you will be a Participating Class Member, eligible for an Individual Class Member Payment in the amount estimated above.  In exchange, you will give up your right to assert the claims against C&K Trucking that are covered by this Settlement (Released Claims).
You Can Opt-out of the Settlement

The Opt-out Deadline is January 30, 2023.
If you don’t want to fully participate in the proposed settlement, you can opt-out of it by sending the Administrator a written Request for Exclusion. Once excluded, you will be a Non-Participating Class Member and no longer be eligible for an Individual Class Member Payment. Non-Participating Class Members cannot object to any portion of the proposed Settlement. See FAQ 6.
Participating Class Members Can Object to the Settlement 

Written Objections Must be Submitted by January 30, 2023.
All Class Members who do not opt-out can object to any aspect of the proposed Settlement.  See FAQ 7.
You Can Participate in the February 14, 2023 Final Approval Hearing The Court’s Final Approval Hearing is scheduled to take place on February 14, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. in Courtroom 1203. You don’t have to attend but you do have the right to appear (or hire an attorney to appear on your behalf at your own cost). Participating Class Members can verbally object to the Settlement at the Final Approval Hearing. See FAQ 8.
You Can Challenge the Calculation of Your Workweeks/Pay Periods

Written Challenges Must be Submitted by January 30, 2023.
The amount of your Individual Class Member Payment depends on the number of weeks between July 22, 2010, to July 29, 2022, in which C&K Trucking issued you or your business one or more Settlement Statements for services provided to C&K Trucking.  The number of such weeks that C&K Trucking’s records show for you is stated on the first page of the Notice mailed to you. If you disagree with this number, you may submit a challenge.  Any such challenge must be submitted by January 30, 2023 to be timely and considered. See FAQ 4.

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